Web Design

A website is a window into your product or service…

A great online presence can help you reach new audiences without costing the earth. However, the information superhighway has never been more congested than it is today. Not only must your website be visually engaging and user-friendly, it must also be easy to find and accessible to every possible user. Furthermore, it must complement your existing brand to ensure it is communicated consistently.

Our web design solutions use the latest technologies to enhance usability and ensure search engine optimisation. We blend first-class design and development to ensure your web design complements your brand and communicates it consistently.

Intelligent Design

A website is a window into your product or service: we take pride in beautiful design and offer bespoke solutions that a) help you stand out from the crowd and b) help you leverage your investment in your site to increase your business profit.

Web Development

Great technology makes life easier! Our technology constantly evolves to keep up with new developments. This means you benefit from the very best ‘behind the scenes’ functionality required to make your site easy to use and even easier to update.

Updating your site

We understand that as a small business, the last thing you want is to have to spend money every time you need to add a snippet of news or copy to your site. We have developed a simple to use system that allows you to edit text and images at the click of a button. We’re also here at any time to provide a helping hand!

DesignWhen we design a website, we have 3 main considerations:
1. Your needs
2. Your customers needs
3. TechnologyOur process allows us to efficiently design websites that not just look delicious, but that harness the power of WordPress and other complimentary technologies to fulfil your needs, fulfil your customer’s desires and make you money.

A website design can only fulfil its potential with well-written, efficient code to bring it to life.Using the phenomenal WordPress content management system (CMS) as our foundation, we develop websites that look great in every browser, captivate your visitors and effortlessly funnel them to your checkout. From simple brochure websites and blogs to complex multi-tiered corporate sites, e-commerce, membership areas, communities and price comparison websites, our team’s wizardry can make it all happen.

Everyone Loves WordPress
And it’s not just your customers that will love using WordPress, as your team will love updating your own website content through the easy to use WordPress control panel that we customise to your needs. If you need a reliable, talented team to bring your websites to life in XHTML/CSS and WordPress, call us now on +44 (0)845 862 4442.

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